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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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Privacy policy of WIT Co.,Ltd.

Privacy policy

WIT Co., Ltd., recognizes the social importance of information that may disclose the personal identity of customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information"), and shall take measures to protect and handle it properly.

  1. Personal information shall be used within the following scope. WIT Co., Ltd., pledges to obtain the customer's consent before using said personal information for any purpose other than described above.
    • Response to inquiries
    • Items concerning transactions such as estimates, product shipment, billing, repair or service
    • Sales activities such as notification of new products and services, requests to participate in questionnaire survey concerning products, information about exhibitions, etc.

  2. WIT shall strive to manage personal information strictly, and shall take measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or leakage in order to protect said personal information.

  3. WIT shall strictly observe laws/regulation concerning protection of personal information and scope of usage of said information.

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