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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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We have established sales bases in Asia and have triggered a new technology revolution in places the world over.

Probe Extraction tool

     NEW !  Probe Extraction tool,So easy and handy
                        with pin-searching function.

This tool is very convenient that it is possible for anyone to search and replace the specific test probe points at the same time. WIT's new Probe Extraction tool can pull out any probe pins without bending, widening the hole size and damaging adjacent pins.

Probe Extraction tool


●Suitable for the head-type tips as well as
● Add Pin-searching function.
● Pen-shaped and portable.
●Anti-slip rubber grip.
●10,000 cycle times of durability (based on
  WIT research).

Probe Extraction tool Probe Extraction tool
The pin number is shown to ICT-tester screen.

Probe Extraction tool Probe Extraction tool
Pull out the auxiliary tool which is next to the centre tip for use to pull head-type.

◆ Model number ・ Specification

Model Plunger diameter of probe Full length・Diameter Body color
WP-100A φ 0.9 mm    106mm
  φ 9.4mm
WP-075A φ 0.64mm    Black
WP-050A φ 0.5 mm    Silver
Please contact us for the details.

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