INGUN Test Probe, PIC microcomputer programming tool.

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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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 MPQ Series on-board PIC microcomputer programming tool


MPQ is In System Programmer (ISP) tool for programming boards following PIC microcomputer component mounting in the component mounting process at the production site. Amidst the multitude of ISP tools currently available, it is officially certified by a significant number of device manufacturers.
Applicable devices are as follows.  ※Always supports latest device.

Cypress PSoC、PSoC3、CapSense、enCoRe
Ziog Z8-Encore、Crimzon、Z16F
Silicon Labs C8051F
Atmel AVR、AVR32 

■ Made by RPM Systems.
WIT is the sole agency for RPM Systems in Japan and ASEAN member countries (some areas not included). RPM Systems Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer of ISP tools. The company also manufacturers and sells Root2 (shown in photograph on the right) that tests USB port function.

Root2: USB function tester
Compact HDD-size device. Instantaneously tests basic function of USB. If the script is downloaded to the device, it can conduct product inspection simultaneously via the USB board.

Product features

● Single unit capable of programming 4 devices simultaneously.
● By connecting 16 MPQs in a daisy chain, you can program a maximum of 64 devices
● Compact box type
● Recommended as a programming tool by various device vendors (3rd party).
● Incorporated into ICT, ATE and FCT, enables simultaneous inspection and programming.

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