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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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    Simple and good price!
           Extra small size of camera / Mileva Sensor


You can watch the movie or take photograph at the dark part or narrow area using with this camera. Dimension of this camera is only 8mm and it has LED lights.  Also, it is very easy to operate!  You just install the viewer software and insert to the USB 3.0 port in your PC.

milevasensor milevasensor
2 camera model Camera part

[ Provide software development kit ]
You can make an application to control Mileva sensor under your environment using with software development kit (DLL).


Part number

 1 camera model: MS-120a
 2 camera model: MS-220a
 image sensor  CMOS color image sensor.
 Valid pixels  1 million pixcels
 Frame rate
 (This is the best value.)
 USB3.0           1280×720   60fps
 656×408   120fps
 324×204   240fps
 USB 2.0(Hi-Speed)  1280×720   10fps
 656×408   30fps
 324×204   60fps
 Interface  USB3.0
 Light  High - Light white LED×3
 Focus  Adjustment: 20mm ~ ∞ (Turning a ring of the lens)
 External I/O  Common input/output.8point (+3.3V CMOS level) 
 Power-supply voltage  DC5V(from the USB Bus power)
 Surrounding environment  Operating temperature/Humidity:
 5~35℃/20~80%(no condensation)
 storage temperature/Humidity:
 0~60℃/10~95%(no condensation)
 External dimensions
 Camera 14(W)×8(D)×3.9(H)mm
 ※Except for the lens movable dimension
 USB 68.3(W)×19.5(D)×8.2(H)mm
 Cable 2000mm±30mm
 Weight  40g or Less

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