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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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 LED Visual Checker IP-1010
       Easy to find LED defect! You can save inspection time!

This system can be usuful to replace visual inspection by person. Good point for this system is easy operation and making inspection data. You may use it just after set the camera and start software. When defect LED appeared, NG position indicated on read. Of course we can save log data. Also, you don't have to care about disturbance light.

Good point


▲Software window.

◆You can inspect for high-brightness LED.
◆Easy operating and setting.
◆Learning operation is only registered the golden   sample.
◆Measure Luminance and Chromaticity  automatically.
◆Use this system without dark box or dark  environment.
◆For ready to use, setting camera and starting  software.
◆Save log file in TEXT.
◆Result image saved only latest inspection.
◆NG position should be indicated on read frame.
◆Notice for OK or NG with buzzer and indication.



 Max shooting distance  1,000mm
 Max shooting range  1,600mm x 1,200mm
 Camera  Basler USB3.0 Camera daA2500-14uc 5M Pixel
 Lens  Universe optics VH060D F2.4 (M12 mount Lens)
 Dimming filter  FUJI FILM製 ND1.0 x 1 , ND2.0 x 1
 Inspection algorithm  Comparison with registered golden sample
 Log output   Log file is created by each date. Format: TEXT
 Control BOX dimension  127.5mm x 71.7mm x 14.0mm
 l/O control  Input・・・2port, Output・・・3port
 Power supply  PC USB port
 Power supply  Memory 2GB RAM, Windows10, USB3.0

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