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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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Visual Inspection System Inspection Pro IP-3000

Our Inspection Pro IP-3000 visual appearance inspection equipment quickly and accurately inspects mounting boards that evolve day by day, and judge whether they pass or fail inspection without exception. We have diligently taken note of the customer's comments starting from the development stage and have incorporated our unique expertise into this inspection device.

InspectionPro InspectionPro

Equipment size inspection board maximum size (mm)
330 × 250
SL 450 × 300
510 × 460
XL 610 × 510

Three features

◆Establishment of traceability
 We have established a system whereby inspection results can be generally traced.

  ・Link function with automatic appearance inspection equipment
  ・Inspection history database management function from automatic appearance inspection
   equipment to repair process
 Imports defect information from flying prober and automatic appearance inspection equipment
 connected to network and displays defect message together with image of defective point in real
 time. Displays information so that inspector can tell if the target is defective or not right away.
 History of information after defect is repaired can also be managed.

◆Quickly determines pass/fail without exception
 We have established a system whereby it can be quickly determined if all inspection
 points pass or fail inspection.

  ・Three cameras / test heads accurately indicate test points and display the image at an angle and
   magnification whereby it is easy to tell if the point is defective or not in real time.
InspectionPro InspectionPro InspectionPro
Magnified image / deep camera focus depth, entire image is clear when enlarged.

◆Reduced workload for visual inspectors
 We have established a system whereby inspectors can comfortable concentrate on
 inspection work.

 ・Simple operation tools that can even be used by inexperienced users in a short amount of time.
 ・Secures deep camera focus depth and displays sharp image of visual points in a wider range.
 ・Inspection program tool that enables a program to be efficiently created in a short period of time.
 ・utomatic programming of inspection direction, angle and magnification linked with automatic
  appearance inspection equipment.
 ・In order to standardize inspection items, visual inspection that does not rely on skill of the
  inspector is possible.

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