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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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Total support provided, from delivery overseas to maintenance. Contact us for details.


The following are products handled by WIT.
[Original products]

Visual Inspection System,IP-3000 Visual inspection support system for mounting boards.
In-Circuit tester,
IP-5000 series
Compact design, small space and high speed.
Function Tester
IP-7000 series
It is realized in Japan, China and Thailand through development, production to support/maintenance.
Special cleaner for test probes, EQOmat Cleaner that removes dirt from tip of test probes.
Probe Extraction tool Makes it possible to search and replace the specific test probe points at the same time.
Mileva Sensor Simple and good price. Extra small size of camera.
LED Visual Checkerr IP-1010 Easy to find LED defect. You can save inspection time.
Fixture・Program It is available through design, development, production to support/maintenance in Japan and abroad.

[Imported products]

Test Probes INGUN(Germany) Lineup consists of more than 20,000 types, including special probes.
Digital Incircuit tester, MTS180/300 Digitaltest(Germany) Realizes analog in-circuit and function testing on test equipment. IC pin floating function provided as standard function. MTS180 is equipped with press type tool, and MTS300 is equipped with vacuum type tool.
Boundary Scan JTAG Technologies(Holland) In addition to LSI test that conforms to boundary scan, offers flash memory verification and cluster test automatic generation function to enable creation of high test coverage programs. Combined test with In-circuit tester dramatically enhances defect inspection items for high-density mounting boards.

Products Infomation

Mileva Sensor
LED Visual Checker
Digital incircuit Tester