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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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We have established sales bases in Asia and have triggered a new technology revolution in places the world over.


Function Tester IP-7000 series

Nowadays, many companies are setting-up overseas factories. They also consider the cost to these investments as important. We, at WIT, have local branch in Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam to closely support our customers in the development, production and maintenance of their testing needs.
Our functional testers are used in industrial equipment, automotive, IT and medical fields. 


 Functional Tester with PIC microcomputer board.

 Best for short lead time and low cost.
 Used in testing an amusement board, etc. functiontester IP-7200      functiontester IP-7000シリーズ

 Functional Tester with SH microcomputer board.

 Best fit for high-speed test.
 Used in testing control boards and driver boards for copiers and printers. functiontester IP-7500

 PC-based Functional Tester

 Best for controlling testers connected to a Windows-based PC.
 Can control IP-7200 and IP-7500 when connected as slave.
 Used in testing copiers and graphic boards.
   functiontester IP-7700

◆OPTION /LED test function
  1. 8LED as standard function.
  2. Automatic test for 7 color.
  3. Automatic judgment function.
  4. Space saving.
  5. Easy connection by plastic fiber.
option for functiontester

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