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WIT Co., Ltd. is the sole agency for INGUN test probes in Japan.

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We have established sales bases in Asia and have triggered a new technology revolution in places the world over.


ELECTROTEST JAPANThank you for a large attendance to our booth at 34th ELECTROTEST
  JAPAN, Tokyo Big Sight.

We, WIT Co.,Ltd. exhibited our products at ELECTROTEST JAPAN during 15-17 Jan. A lot of customers were at our booth and we could introduce our products there, we were very successful in this exhibition. We very appreciate all people were in our booth and supported us. If you are interested in our products and need more our feedback, demonstration etc., please contact with us.We try to do our best for you.

electrotestjapan electrotestjapan

Philippines OfficeWIT incorporate Philippines office.

WIT launched Philippines office as one of our ASEAN base 1st Oct. 2014.
WIT incorporate Philippines office 1st Oct.2017 for expansion of global business, We try to provide our good and various service to our local customer. We appreciate your continuous support for us. We look forward to working with our local customer.

Company name   WIT -JAPAN CO.,LTD.
Address    124 North Science Avenue Laguna
T E L      +63-(0)49-536-1975
WIT Philippines Office

Probe Extraction toolProbe Extraction tool, invented and developed by WIT.

This tool is very convenient for everyone to search and replace the specific test probe points at any time.
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Probr Extraction tool Probe Extraction tool

Chukyo Area OfficeChukyo Area Office was already moved to new location in Matsusaka city,
  Mie prefecture.

Chukyo Area Office in Matsusaka city, Mie pre. was moved to new location in terms of our business growth. WIT will provide all the clients and customers for our best service and support in high quality with this opportunity in order to enhance the added value of our products.

New address   moved date 26th of April, 2016
Chukyo Area Office, WIT Co. Ltd.
84-1, Wakaba-cho, Matsusaka-shiy, Mie pref., Japan 515-0014
TEL: +81-(0)598-30-6595
FAX: +81-(0)598-30-6597
*Phone number and Fax number are the same as before.

Chukyo Area office

Functional Test SystemInspection Pro I-7000 series, Functional Test System available
  in Japan, China and ASEAN.

It is realized in Japan, China and Thailand through development, production to support/maintenance.
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Inspection Pro IP-7000 series
Functional Tester with PIC microcomputer board. It is available short lead time, low cost for assembly board for amusement etc.
Functional Tester with SH microcomputer board. It is available high speed control. for assembly board for copy machine, printer driver.
Functional Tester with PC base. It is available to control windows driver and outside measuring instrument. It is available to cut in IP-7200 and IP-7500 slave for assembly board for copy machine, image processing.

 Hanoi officeWIT Thailand "Hanoi" representative office OPEN

WIT open WIT Thailand "Hanoi" representative office on 1st Sept. 2012. WIT Thailand has been in existence from Jan.2008 at Bangkok and works as our base for sales and support for ASEAN customer. A lot of our products has been installed in customers at Hanoi. Now we open Hanoi office in order to provide more better support close by our customer.
We appreciate your favor to us. 

Name:   WIT (THAILAND) CO.,LTD.  Hanoi Representative Office 
Address:  Room 304, 3rd floor , 2A-S1-K5,11,Xuan Dieu, Quang An, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL:    +84-(0)4-66843725
FAX:    +84-(0)4-37183163
Contact:   WIT(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.  TEL +66-(0)2237-2479

 INGUN Test ProbeINGUN uses new Laser Marking Technology.

INGUN will use “a laser marking technology” for the Test Probes will gradually replace” the inkjet marking” .

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 EQOmatSale of EQOmat special cleaner for new test probes.

EQOmat special cleaner for new test probes that removes dirt from the tips of test probes is
now commercially available. EQOmat is functionally of two layers: one that removes dirt and another that polishes the tips of test probes. We recommend EQOmat to anyone who has problems with poor probe contact.
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